Diversity in children's books

We live in a time where strong female characters and characters with diverse cultural heritage should appear on the pages of children's books and their voices should be heard. I am happy to say that Talendia: The Lost Boy is one of these books and that it is now available to buy at https://www.cantputitdown.co.uk/talendia-the-lost-boy-by-a-e-colmer.html to promote diversity in children's books.


Dear Readers, The giveaway competition on http://goodreads.com is finally over and I'm so thrilled that more than 1700 people entered it to win 1 of the 10 signed copies of Talendia: The Lost Boy. Thank you for everyone entering this competition and congratulations to the winners, their copies will be on the way to them soon! 🙂 Those, who did not win this time still can find the book either in hardback or in ebook format on the websites of Amazon, Waterstones, Bookepository (this one offers free worldwide delivery) and at many other online bookstores. For more details please visit: https://www.talendia.co.uk/news Happy reading!

These days

I know I have been quiet for a little while but I have a good reason for that. We have a new family member: a very playful and naughty Newfoundland puppy and she requires all our attention at the moment. When she sleeps I usually work on the illustrations of the sequel of the first Talendia book, The Forgotten Folk which will be longer and even more adventurous (if that's possible) than the first book was. :-) Stay tuned!

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