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About the author

A. E. Colmer, or Agi as she is known by her family and close friends, was born in Hungary and grew up in Nyíregyháza, a small city with a long name, in the Eastern part of the country. Her parents are Maria and Lajos both engineers and economists but she spent most of her childhood with her paternal grandparents, Etelka, a child psychologist, and Gyula, a vet.

Agi had two passions as a child and teenager: writing and painting. She studied art in primary school and wrote novels and poems for her own and her family's entertainment. She won her first award for one of her novels at age 14. This, and the enthusiasm of her school teachers, encouraged her to continue writing. She wrote articles and published a comic strip with one of her friends in the school paper.

She studied law and political science at the University of Debrecen, not far from her hometown. By that time, she finished a collection of poems, a novel, two dramas and several articles for a magazine. 

After qualifying as a lawyer, Agi moved to London for a few months to practice English then returned to Hungary where she accepted a job as a lawyer. She lived and worked in Budapest for 4 years.

She missed London though - this wonderful vibrant and inspiring city - and decided to move back in 2010. She has been living there ever since, now with her English husband, Thomas, their daughter, a Scottish fold cat and a Newfoundland dog. 

Agi had been working as a lawyer in Central London for several years but without giving up her dream to write a book one day. She started working on Talendia in 2016 and the book was published in the UK in September 2017. After a sports injury, she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease which led her to change her hectic lifestyle as a lawyer. Now she focuses her time and energy on writing. She recently finished the sequel of the first Talendia book with the title of The Forgotten Folk. Currently she is working on the third book of the Talendia series. 

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