Website & a little bit of reading

Dear Readers, I do not know if you have ever tried to create/build a website but if you are like me, not an IT or technical person, you might find it challenging sometimes, like I do. I am still working on the Talendia website and always find something to add to it. I recently updated it and I would welcome any constructive feedback from you. As you can see I made the first 3 chapters of The Lost Boy available to read on the website too. Happy reading!

First step

Writing a blog is something completely new to me. I enjoy writing stories which have their own heros and heroines, their own story lines, beginnings and (happy) endings, but writing a blog is not that easy, at least for me. English is not my mother tongue. I was born and grew up in Hungary. Growing up in Central Europe in the 1980s was so different from growing up nowadays. I was 9 years old at the time of the Revolution but all I remember is a happy, safe and relatively uneventful childhood. I lived in a small city with my family in the Eastern part of the country but I spent the summer holidays in my grandparents' cottage in a tiny village in rural Hungary. My cousin and I had wonderful da

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